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Here are listed the pages in Gran-Fé which are written in English ( EN ).
Aquí se encuentran las páginas de Gran-Fé escritas en español ( ES ).

 EN  About the Webmaster

Brief description about Nao Fénix.

 EN  Comunidad de Gran-Fénix (Gran-Fénix community)

Visit this page to contact me!

 EN   ES  Google+

Add me to your circle! / ¡Agrégueme a su círculo!

 EN   ES  Twitter

For tweets in English and Spanish. / Para tuiteos en español y inglés.

 EN  Nao's sticky riddles

Online riddle games. Solve the riddles utilizing all your knowledge and techniques!

 EN  25 questions to those who learn Japanese

Please answer these questions if you're learning Japanese!

 ES  25 preguntas a los que aprenden japonés

¡Por favor responda a estas preguntas si usted aprende japonés!

 ES  Cómo expresar palabras españolas con katakana

En esta página se muestra un método de expresar palabras españolas con katakana (una serie de letras del idioma japonés).

 EN  Translate your name into Japanese

How could your English name be translated into Japanese?

 EN  Find the 1 in 120

A simple — but very sticky — text-based game for those who are learning Japanese.
120 Japanese text characters are presented; 119 are the same but the other one is different.
Can you find it in one minute?

 EN  All Kamen Riders Text Battle

This is a text-based minigame.
Enter the names for two "players", and they transform into Kamen Riders to start a battle!

 EN  Friendship works

I sometimes participate in my friends' work to create contents (mainly online riddle games).
Here are listed links to such contents.

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