Nao's sticky riddles — vol.04

Hello, this is Nao Fénix from Japan.
This work is done in collaboration with my friends. I hope you have fun!
For instructions on how to play, see here.

It's recommended to use a personal computer.
With a smartphone or other kinds of mobile device, it may not work.

*For Japanese solvers (日本人解答者のみなさまへ): お読みください

Page No. Title Passnumber
Page 1 What's her name
Page 2 She is to come...
Page 3 Mixing completed
Page 4 Equality & Inequality
Page 5 Jacta alea est
Page 6 Terra incognita
Page 7 Just as you see
Page 8 "Gentleman cambrioleur"
Page 9 Tell me its name

Sum of passnumbers:   

You can solve the pages 1–9 in whatever order you like.
A "Monologue" might be an additinal clue,
or have nothing to do with a clue...

If you get stuck, you can ask me directly.

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